TVU How to Guide

For those who are new to TVU, I’ll here detail the steps which will enable you to watch Live cricket from the sites which has TVU embedded.

Things you need to know:

TVU is a P2P Client, which means there will be one master source who streams the content and the all other users who are watching the stream act as secondary sources. So when you watch the sopcast stream you not only download the media content, you may also upload the media content which you have downloaded for others. To make it simple its like Torrent client, download and upload for others. Advantage is the original streamer can stream with less bandwidth and all users will add to the bandwidth to make the stream better. So more the viewers better the Stream quality.

Minimum System requirements:

  1. Windows PC with IE 6.0 or Higher and Windows Media Player 9 or higher.
  2. TVU Plugin Installed.
  3. Min 512Kbps DSL Internet Connection. (1MB or more would be good)

Getting Ready:

  1. Update IE and Media Player if required to meet the minimum requirements.
  2. Open the Site which has TVU embedded in Internet Explorer only, browser will automatically prompt you to install TVU plugin through ActiveX control
  3. Click Install. Once the plugin is successfully installed you should be able to see a player on Website with play/stop/mute and other buttons
  4. Incase if it did not prompt you to install then it may be the problem with Internet Explorer settings, opent Internet Explorer options and in advanced tab, enable install software on demand and in security tab, select inernet and enable ActiveX and open the site which has TVU embedded and steps 2 and 3 should follow.
  5. Stop any downloads/Torrents/Ares/shareaza/Other P2P Clients
  6. Thats it,You are ready to watch TVU Streams, Click play button on TVU player

How do I know my System is ready:

  1. Open the Site which has TVU stream embeed in it.
  2. You should be able to see a Player like window with navigation buttons and powered by TVU networks logo.
  3. When you click play button, it should say either connecting or downloading or Channel does not exist.