Tvants How to Guide

In this guide, we will try to explain in detail how to use Tvants. Please skip next couple of paragraphs if you are familar with P2P software.

Tvants is similar to anyother Peer-to-Peer(P2P) software.All P2P softwares work on same philosophy of upload(stream) and download(watch) at same time, so make sure you use only one P2P software at a time for better results.

Some Examples of P2P software are Torrent Clients(uTorrent, bittorrent, ABC) , Shareaza, Ares, sopcast, ppstream etc.,

You can watch TVAnts software in Either Browser embedded pages or in standalone player.

To Watch in Browser (TVAnts embedded pages will work only in Interent Explorer)

  1. Open the Site (link) which has TVants embedded in Internet Explorer.
  2. If this is the 1st time you are using TVAnts embedded sites, browser will prompt you to install Tvants Plugin and page will reload automatically after plugin is installed.
  3. You will see a player like window with preparing channel and some chinese characters. The player will show video after couple of minutes. Tvants stream generally start slow (may take between 2 -7 mins to start, so don’t panic)
  4. To make it full screen, double click the player window or right click on player windown then highlight zoom and select full screen.

To Watch in Standalone Player:

  1. Install Tvants ( Download the setup file from here )
  2. Open Tvants (Start->Program Files->Tvants->Tvants)
  3. Click Search Tab and Search for Channel Name (For demonstration purposes, we use IPLenLen)
  4. Double Click the search result (Will open up a new media player like window ). The same window will show the video after few mins.
  5. You can also check the buffer percentage by clicking the details in Channel tab.