SVPOD How to guide

Since the last couple of series of cricket, spvod is becoming a real challenge for streaming live cricket links live cricket provide for almost every game. Quality of the stream is large and only drawback at present is only a few partners which means more bandwidth.

It is very easy to work SPVOD but there are some concerns about the site security officer SPVOD and I think that the cause of pop-ups and dirty carrying advertisements on its website. I’m using spvod player of last month (November 2008) or so and have not encountered security problems. Maybe it’s because I do not visit and use SPVOD directly spvod embedded in other sites.

   1. Internet Explorer
   2. Windows Media Player + Codecs pack (K-Lite Preferred)
   3. SPVOD Plugin

Getting PC Ready:

   1. Update Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player. (If you think they are really behind the latest versions)
   2. Install SPVOD Plugin. ( Download Link )
   3. Open site/link which has spvod stream embedded in Internet Explorer and you should see a video player like window with some ASCII characters (Chinese I think, not sure though).
   4. You can check streaming status using transfer speed it shows or even the orange bars on player (Top Left) indicate strength of stream (Like mobile signal status)

I’ve not heard of any complaints from anyone except that it buffers sometimes but I think that will change as more people adopt SPVOD which means more peers and in turn better the stream.