Australia vs South Africa, 3rd ODI, Live Cricket

What a boring series it’s turning out to be, both the matches we had so far are one sided and finished in 3/4th time. I hope things will change today and we can get to see some competitive cricket from both teams.

Pitch report It looks pretty dry. Neil Johnson is doing the report and it’s immensely chuckle-worthy. In the sense, he stands there like a batsman, bends his front knee forward and talks how and what would happen to a batsman. It’s youtube worthy and if you are a Seinfeld fan, you might say, it’s sponge worthy! Not for a moment, he touches the pitch. A ball is placed on a length and he stares at it as if it would melt.

Smith has won the toss and chosen to bat first. "The crowd is fantastic here. We have a good record here. We have gone with the same team."

Ponting: "We would have also batted. There is a bit of breeze around. Hopefully it will do something. We have prepared very well coming into the game. We just failed in one game. Let’s not forget it. Hopefully we can do a good job here. Brett Geeves is in for Ben Laughlin. (SPVOD)

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