Australia vs South Africa 2nd Melbourne Test Highlights 3rd Day

December 29th, 2008 Posted in Match Highlights, Test Match

Cricket Highlights: Australia vs SA Day 3, 2nd Melbourne (MCG) Test.

Scoreline: South Africa: 459. Jean Paul Duminy 166. Dale Steyn 76. Paul Harris 39. Lead by 65.

After Day 2, there were two possibilities one speculated going into Day 3 – would Australia pull out a long finger to all their detractors; would Duminy reinforce his stature. Well, Duminy did where Australia failed. One of the best hundreds ever played so early in a career.

Keeping Duminy going was Dale Steyn – he was streaky to start with and dropped a couple of times, but several stunning drives made up for all that, as South Africa went about doing unto the Australians what they’ve done for so many years.

One might argue that these kind of things happen in cricket – but when you see Australia not taking their chances and luck riding alongside the other team, it’s an indication of a team under pressure. If today’s cricket had all those proclaiming the end of Australian dominance smirking, one gets the feeling that Day 4 is possibly the last chance Australia have to tell the world that though there’s not much separating them from India and South Africa, they still are the team to beat.

During the recent India tour, there were several potentially exciting days of test cricket – but tomorrow could well be the Day to watch. Not many are interested anymore if Hayden is an old fisherman or not, the sound of his bat all that they’ll be paying attention to.

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