Yuvraj Singh Kevin Pietersen Sledging Video | Mohali Test

December 24th, 2008 Posted in Match Highlights, RBS Cup, Test Match

A cricket video featuring Yuvraj Singh and KP having a go at each other. This occurred during the 2nd Test at Mohali. Pietersen along with Flintoff had several verbals with Yuvraj Singh during the 2008 England vs India Test and ODI series.

As a continuation of the ongoing exchanges, Yuvraj appeared to imitate KP who has a cracked rib. As Pietersen was closer to the stump mike, we get to hear him saying:
Doesn’t change the man you are.
You’re a cricketer not god, Yuvraj Singh.
Concentrate on your batting, you’ll play a bit more
I’m a little bit tougher than you are brother.

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