2 Runouts in 1 Ball | Genuios piece of thinking by Murali and Sangakkara | Sri Lanka vs Kenya

December 3rd, 2008 Posted in Cricket Videos

Though Sri lankan team manage to out both the batsman but as per cricket law only one batsman can be out in 1 ball. Actually what happen that ball was hitten by striker to the off side for one run but due to missunderstanding their became run out chance for sri lanka. Both batsman were in the middle of the crease. So, the fielder of Sri Lanka team thrown ball to sangakkara & Sangakkara thought that it would be better to out non-striker as he is more powerful batsman so he thrown back the ball to Murali at non-striker’s end but throw was little bit outward from stumps so it took some more milliseconds to take off the bails.

Though he manage to take off the bails, Murali was not sure whether he made it or not so he thrown back the ball to the keeper to striker. Still the other batsman was in the middle and their was no chance that he can be back in the crease. Murali throw was accurate and gone in the hand of sangakkara and he take off the bails of the wicket.

Now, the matter was with third who was out and who not. As per rules the batsman who outs first is finally said to be out and other batsman is servived and that happen too. Though it was incidential run-out of both but will be remember for brilliant thinking of sangakkara and Murali. As per new scenerio, it is said that new law will come in which 2 out in 1 ball will be possible.

We hope to see new big changes in cricket.

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